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FtsMind - Manage maps



Manage maps

At this page maps can be renamed or removed.
Mindjet users can convert a map to Mindjet format.
Maps can be sent as e-mail or be uploaded to your Dropbox or SkyDrive account.
Furthermore maps can be pinned to the start screen.

manage maps

My Dropbox

You have to login before the Dropbox connection can be used.

Dropbox login

Being logged in, you can download maps from the Dropbox.

use Dropbox

My SkyDrive

You can also use SkyDrive to upload your files.

use SkyDrive

Import text

Here you can import a map from plain text (e.g. e-mail).

text import



Import a map from text

This feature is useful if you have received a map as text in an e-mail.

Select the text of the e-mail.

Move the selection mark to the end of the text.
It is possible to select more than the text describing the map.
After that, store the selected text in the clipboard.

Now start FtsMind. Open "manage maps" and go to the "import text" page.

Tap into the textbox - the insert symbol will be shown. Tap on this symbol and the text will be copied into the textbox.

To extract the map from the text, tap on the "import" button at the bottom of the screen.

Finally, a message with the new name of the imported map appears.

The map is ready to use.