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FtsMind - Changes und Suggestions



Version 1.15

Convert a map to structured text.

This is the last version that supports Phone 7.

Version 1.14

UI improvements.

User-defined themes.

Version 1.13

Error corrections.

Support of the flick gesture for maps (was lost with version 1.12).

Version 1.12

Support of huge maps.

Translation to french.

Minor UI improvements.

Version 1.11

Error corrections.

Version 1.10

Convert a map to Mindjet format.

Allows a link to begin and end at the same item.

User interface made more consistent.

Landscape display of content corrected.

Version 1.9

DropBox: Changed to API version V1.

Auto complete for items and notes.

Version 1.8

Add a text note to a node.

Multiline node content.

Copy and paste like on a PC.

Copy nodes from one map to another.

New icons.

Error corrections.

Version 1.7

SkyDrive support: Now you can transfer your mind maps from your PC to your Phone and back via SkyDrive.

Version 1.6

Error corrections.

Version 1.5

Icons can be assigned to items.

Support of FreeMind node types.

Internal improvements.

Version 1.4

Number of maps is displayed in live tile.

Maps can be pinned to the start screen.

Additional links between items.

Import a map from e-mail text with copy & paste.

Error corrections (see Error list).

Version 1.3

Formatting of an item.

Copying of the format of an item.

Export a map as JPEG picture.
The export can be done into the applications storage or into the phones picture hub. From the picture hub a map can be send as an attachment of an e-mail.

Collapse and expand parts of a map.

Error corrections (see Error list).

Version 1.2

Error corrections (see Error list).

Version 1.1

Dropbox support included: Now you can transfer your mind maps from your PC to your Phone and back via Dropbox.

Lossless modification of mind maps: FreeMind files can be edited with FtsMind. Features which are not supported by FtsMind (e.g. icons) will not be modified and are visible again after sending the map back to the PC. Nodes with HTML content are visible (not always correct) but not editable.

New connectors: The connectors between the nodes are now rounded.

Version 1.0

Initial version, create mind maps on Phone 7.


Wish list

Feature Realized (in Version)
Dropbox support V1.1
Lossless editing of FreeMind maps V1.1
Rounded connectors V1.1
Colors --> text, background, border V1.3
Adjustable font size V1.3
Copy format V1.3
Export as picture V1.3
Export picture to picture hub V1.3
Collapse parts of the map V1.3
Connectors between nodes V1.4
Put a particular map on the start screen of the phone V1.4
Different node types (bubble, text - like FreeMind) V1.5
Support of FreeMind-Icons V1.5
Skydrive support V1.7
Multiple text lines V1.8
Copy/move between maps V1.8
Auto completion V1.9
Link to the same item V1.10
Export of MindManager files V1.10
Show whether an item has a note attached V1.12
User defined designs V1.14
Export as structured text V1.15
Send map as e-mail attachment not possible at the moment
Open a map wich is attached to an e-mail not possible at the moment
Graphical node content not planned
Show the date of the last change of a map. decision open
Links between maps decision open
User defined positioning of the items decision open
Hyperlinks decision open
Automatic synchronisation with Dropbox or SkyDrive decision open
Save as PNG or PDF decision open
Colorize a whole branch decision open
Import of MindManager files never



Error Corrected in version
Undo after moving or copying a node changes the text of the parent node. V1.1
A hold on a node (to position the cursor) opens the context menu. V1.2
Problem with the background color of the application tile. V1.2
Problem with the background color of the info button. V1.2
New text is deleted when changing the theme. V1.3
Application crashes when loading invalid file. V1.3
The input dialog only supports the portrait mode. V1.10
Manage Maps: Scrolling to the right with a file selected causes a crash. V1.11
Edit Map: Paste from Menu does not work. V1.11
Text disappears from items after saving a map. May be V1.11 (Error not really reproduceable)
App crashes if the map contains pictures. V1.13


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